Yoann Gourcuff, great publicity

Yoann Gourcuff is a new dad! His wife Karine Ferri announces the arrival of their little girl, named Sasha.

A great moment of happiness for Yoann Gourcuff! The former midfielder of Bordeaux and Lyon is again the father of a little girl, named Sasha. It was his wife, Karin Ferri, who announced the very good news via Instagram.

“After hoping and waiting for you so much, you finally came into our lives. Sasha, we love you so much and we are so happy”, writes Karine Ferri, attaching a few photos where you can see the very discreet Yoann Gourcuff, as well as one of the little girl’s hands. The TV host gave birth on May 3, at the Port-Royal maternity hospital in Paris.

In a relationship since 2011, married since July 2019, Yoann Gourcuff and Karine Ferri now have three children. They first had a son, Maël, born April 6, 2016then a first daughter, Claudia, born on July 16, 2018. The new little sister, Sasha, has therefore just joined the family.

Aged 36, Yoann Gourcuff has been retired from the field since the end of his contract with Dijon in January 2019. Based in Brittany, he takes care of his family and now plays a lot of tennis. « I enjoy it. I have no problem saying that I am a stay-at-home dad”he attributed in an interview with West Francethis April 24.