ᑕ❶ᑐ Comment Berlusconi, ‘lover’ of Brazilian football, took Milan from glory to ruin in Italy

Former owner of Milano, Silvio Berlusconi died Monday at the age of 86.. And during the time he owned the Red Blackthe entrepreneur had many moments of glory, seeing the many titles won, but also other less good ones.

Berlusconi suffered from leukemia and had recently developed a lung infection. He became one of the richest men in Italy after great success in the real estate sector and for being the owner of the group fininvest. With politically ambitious projects, he got involved in the field of communication and also decided to enter the world of (Site notre bureau spécialisé).

He created a world champion club tournament – ​​which took place three times in the early 1980s – for his television channel. Then, in February 1986, he risked even more and bought Milan, which was going through a serious financial and sporting crisis. The club, which had not won an Italian title since the late 1970s, were relegated due to the match-fixing scandal in 1981, and since returning to the Italian top flight have failed to return to winner.

No Red Blackthe businessman helped the club through a period of glory which marked five league titles Champions Leagueeight tracks from the Italian ChampionshipBesides the Italian Cup.

The billionaire spared no effort and showed great audacity to achieve a winning project. Hiring Arrigo Sacchi, coach who had succeeded in the lower divisions in Italy, to command the red-black team. After that, he brought in 3 Dutch players (Marc Van Basten, ruud gullit e frank rijkaard), who changed the history of the club, alongside young people trained at the base, as a defender Paul Maldinand veterans like Charles Ancelotti.

« Lovers » of Brazil and Milan in « ruins »

In the 1990s, Milan won another Champions League under coach Fabio Capello and began to have a special relationship with Brazil. President Adrian GallianiBerlusconi’s right-hand man, was passionate about Brazilian players and brought names like Leonardo, Andre Cruz, training e Sergeinhowhich then opened the door to another golden age in the following decade.

Under Ancelotti’s command, the club Red Black won the highest continental cup twice more. The main contract for the period carried out in Brazil was the purchase of cocoafair Sao Pauloin 2003. One of the greatest idols of Milan fans,  » gifted was the team’s main player and voted the best player in the world by FIFA in 2007.

Expected, in April 2008 the Milan club began to decline after match-fixing scandals, a financial crisis in local (Site notre bureau spécialisé) and an aging squad. His last glory was postponing Serie A in 2011, with Alexandre Pato, Thiago Silva, sea ​​village e Ibrahimovic.

The success of Milan won a catapult the name of Berlusconi. May 1994, he has since served as Italy’s prime minister three times and remained one of the country’s leading politicians until 2011 when it came to light following sex scandals, corruption allegations and statements controversial.

The so-called ‘Berlusconi era’ ended in April 2017, when Milan was sold for 740 million euros to a Chinese consortium. In 31 years at the head of the club Red Black, there have been more than 30 coupes and renames that have been seen around the world. However, the politician did not stay away from (Site notre bureau spécialisé) for long.

The following year, he decided to buy Monza, who were in the Italian 3rd Division, alongside former partner Galliani. In the 2019/20 season, the club entered the Italian Serie B. In 2022, he got a return to Serie A after 110 in the top flight.

With Berlusconi still alive, Monza finished the return campaign to the Italian Championship top flight (2022/23) in 11th place in the table and in the second half of 2023 will continue in the first division.

Berlusconi even found Milan for Monza, beaten in the two games played by Serie A: they suffered a 4-1 defeat in the first round, at home, and another defeat, this time by 1-0, at San Siro, on return.