ᑕ❶ᑐ Guardiola pins Arsenal 100% in Premier League home stretch and is irritated with playing on Sunday: ‘I don’t understand’

With only four games to go premier leagueO Manchester Cityleader of the competition with one point advantage and one game less compared to the vice-leader arsenalReturns to the field for the other this Sunday (14), for a 10 a.m. game (Brazilian time), for an away game for the other Evertonsteps from Goodison Park, com exclusive broadcast for subscriptions Star+.

This Friday (12), at a press conference, the coach Pep Guardiola spoke of the final sprint in the fight for the English title and believes that, despite having just three games to play, Arsenal will end the season 100 per cent successfully, winning the nomination streak against Brighton (to stay), Nottingham Forest (exterior) and Wolverhampton (To lodge). And, because of that, City will need to be extra careful if they are to weigh the cup again.

“They will definitely win all 3 games. We know exactly what we have to do to win the Premier League,” he started by saying.

“Honestly, I would like them to drop points against Brighton, Nottingham Forest and Wolves. But I think with the long weeks of preparation they will have nine points. »

To be champion, City, which will play four more Premier League matches, will depend only on itself. However, unlike the gunnersbone Citizens still dispute the Champions League e FA Cupwhere they stand in the decision against the Manchester United.

And it was exactly compared to the semi-final of the champions league, against real Madrid, which Guardiola warned. Indeed, according to the coach, the match against Everton should take place this Saturday (13), allowing more rest for the second match against the Spaniards, next Wednesday (17), at 4 p.m. (Brasilia time), at the stadium Etihad. .

City even tried to make this change, but there would not be enough police in the city of Liverpool to provide security for the game, as the match will be played on the same day. Eurovision Song Contest.

“I don’t understand, but I don’t want to fight for it anymore. I don’t understand, but you have to adapt,” he said.

“We prefer more time to prepare but that’s how it is. It’s not like in France or Germany where they play on Fridays. Here the Premier League is more important and the schedule is the schedule. »

Where to watch Everton v Manchester City?

Everton X Manchester City will have exclusive broadcast to pay Star+ subscriptions this Sunday (14), at 10 a.m. (Brasilia time).