ᑕ❶ᑐ Leaving Liverpool, Arthur thanks Klopp, talks about his return to Spain and makes the selection his biggest dream

In the home stretch of the loan deal he has with liverpoolthe midfield arthur will return to juventus next season. In an interview with Goal.comthe Brazilian said he’s done a lot of mental and physical work for the future and his own ‘2.0’ version is on the way.

“Next season, I see it with good eyes. It will be decided in my career and I work very well. I can’t wait to show this new version of Arthur. I hope to have the opportunity to say goodbye to Liverpool by playing something, to say goodbye to my team-mates, to the technical staff and to the supporters, who behaved very well with me,” he said.

During the interview Arthur told a comment was his relationship with Jürgen Klopp during this time. Despite only playing four games all season, the midfielder praised the German and said he « learned a lot » from the coach.

“Since my arrival, Klopp has treated me very well. It is an honor for me to work with Jurgen. He is one of the best coaches in the world, he has always spoken well of me, he is an incredible person and the treatment has always been very good, elegant and special”.

« Being able to train with someone like him always gives a lot as a player and I’m sure it’s useful for the future because you learn a lot from him, » explained the Brazilian.

Although he still has two years left on his contract with Juventus, Arthur said what he really dreams of is returning to Spain, the country where he wore the team’s shirt. Barcelonaand was also about to hit the Valence. Outdoors, the midfielder has also said he wants a return to Brazilian team.

“I was very lucky to play in three strong leagues. Spain, Italy, England. I adapted very well to the League at the time, in a few months I adapted well. UN. the league held my attention and of course I could give myself the opportunity to come back”.

« La Liga is a league that I already know, that I have adapted well and for me and my style of play, the teams that play in attack are good for me, these are my characteristics. If there is a team that puts on the ball, it is good for me”.

“My main objective is to return to the national team. I haven’t had a good time this season, but now I hate being able to come back to the national team. But I have to do it strip by strip. I want continuity this season, play minutes and my goal is to deserve a return to the national team. I imagine coming back,” he concluded.