ᑕ❶ᑐ Palmeiras will not have Allianz Parque in the Paulista quarter-finals after WTorre falls behind and the gap with the company widens

Palm trees will not play the quarter-finals you Paulistao at Allianz Park. The Hammer fell after the schedule sent by Real arenas that delivery of the land will only take place on the same day 12th of March.

The delay in the delivery of the Allianz Parque lawn by the Real arenas It is another leader in the friction between Palmeiras and the company branch WTorre. UN. ESPN A confirmation that the club is a victim of non-compliance with the report on the set timetable.

Initially, Palmeiras received a response that they would have the land available the same day. February 20. However, this Friday March 1st, he received information that delivery would take place the same day. 12th of March.

To learn lessons, Palmeiras excludes the placement of its athletes on the field, but the schedule is strictly respected. Indeed, the club considers it necessary to test the playing field and considers it irresponsible to tear the match apart without checking the real situation on the pitch.

Em the 21st of February, The report showed that this was the initial idea of ​​the Alviverde teamThis plan to return to Allianz in the first Paulista knockout phase, which will not be possible.

Before the arena is actually confirmed as the venue for the quarter-final match, a final « OK » will be requested from the players and technical staff led by Abel Ferreira.

It is precisely for this reason that the parties are already discussing to plan a training session at Allianz, so that everyone can test the renovated and modified lawn after the application of the is imported from Portugal.

Now present, the six packages of products have arrived in Brazil and are being distributed by the equipment that occupies maintenance.

Work will stop this weekend due to a planned music festival at the stadium, but will resume early next week, when all equipment is expected to be available in the capital São Paulo.

Far from home…

The last time Verdão played at home was in 2-1 victory over Santos, January 28, as is.

After that, the end of the process of renovation of the synthetic gazebo was completed, when the thermoplastic composition of the field was melted, it turned into a kind of glue that stuck to sports shoes.

Since then, the Palestine club has played at the Arena Barueri, a stadium managed by Créfipargroup company Crefise.

Palmeiras is already guaranteed as instead of group Bwhich will give them the advantage of playing at home in the quarter-finals.

Then, the overall score is cumulative by the model and is used according to the heat determination criterion.

Palmeiras’ next matches:

  • Sao Paulo (F) – 03/03, 8 p.m. (Brasilia time) – Paulista Championship

  • Botafogo SP (C) – 10/03, 4 p.m. (Brasilia time) – Paulista Championship