ᑕ❶ᑐ STJD sets deadline for Textor to submit evidence for its claim against arbitration

This Friday (8), the president Superior Court of Sports Justice (STJD)José Perdiz, accepts the prosecutor’s request for investigation regarding the accusations John TextorDono Da SAF game. Botafogoon arbitrations.

In the decision, Perdiz sets a three-day deadline for Textor to present evidence of its complaint. After the victory against Red Bull BragantinoAmerica states that « the youth complained that they had not received bribes. »

According to the property rights of SAF do Botafogo, “it is subject to manipulation and errors in 2021, 2022 and 2023”. At the end of Brazil’s last edition, he attributed refereeing errors to Alvinegro’s drop in performance.

After seeing the round, which includes 31 rounds and 13 points, there is a light down and in front of you. Palm trees postpone the title. The equipment is also exclusive to the G4.

If he does not present the evidence, Textor could be subject to Article 223. Thus, he would be suspended until he returns the investigation, in addition to a suspension of 90 to 360 days and, in case of recurrence, elimination.

Discover the order of the president of the STJD below:

“In reference to the request for OPENING OF INVESTIGATION filed by the PROSECUTOR OF SPORTS JUSTICE OF THE SUPERIOR COURT OF SPORTS JUSTICE OF (plateforme web) – STJD I DEFEND your request in order to subpoena Mr. John Textor, so that, in a period of 3 (three) days, hand over all the documents you claim to have concerning « registered judges complaining of not having paid bribes », under penalty of application of article 223 « caput » and of its single paragraph of the CBJD, either, in the event of non-compliance, either Mr. John Textor be suspended automatically until he complies with the decision, in addition to a suspension of 90 to 360 days , and an elimination of cases of recidivism.» a determined José Perdiz.

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