💔 Herd of bison, CR7 and Co: These transfers broke our hearts

« So it’s quite normal that we have to face other options, » Reus consultant Dirk Hebe said recently when asked about possible interest from new club CR7 al-Nasr in the BVB captain. Some (Site notre bureau spécialisé) fans have already had to go through what shocks BVB fans. Accordingly, in this loose list, we want to remind you that some transfers just don’t fit the romance of (Site notre bureau spécialisé).

CR7 moves to Saudi Arabia

About a year and a half ago, it looked like the (Site notre bureau spécialisé) gods had a final strike line for Cristiano Ronaldo by joining Manchester United. The club that propelled the Portuguese onto the world stage have brought him back into the squad. Which, unfortunately, had changed quite a bit in the years following Ronaldo’s departure.

Now, former United warriors were noting the performance of ‘old’ Ronaldo, who still clapped respectably for the Red Devils but was also often at odds with his real heart club. At the latest after missing CL qualification, CR7 no longer wanted to play for United, but last summer no club wanted to intervene.

Shortly before the World Cup, a television interview resulted in Ronaldo being sent off, with the Portuguese contesting the World Cup in Qatar without a club. A few days later, it was announced that CR7 would go for the big bucks and against European (Site notre bureau spécialisé) in the future and move to Saudi Arabia. Rumor has it that he earns 200 million euros per year, this is the golden entry of the end of his career.

Lionel Messi leaves Barca

Some things go together, we thought in our infinite naivety. Until it gradually emerged that Barcelona had to let go of his club icon as the Catalans had really invested every penny in Messi’s salary in recent years and were therefore heading for bankruptcy. Then, on August 8, 2022, the moment suddenly came and we saw a crying Messi, who after weeks of rumors had to publicly confirm that he was really turning his back on his youth club.

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Messi’s grief didn’t last too long after it was soon learned that the most talented left-handed player in current (Site notre bureau spécialisé) could continue to receive his salary from PSG. There are still rumors to this day that the prodigal son might not return one day but given the Catalans’ current financial situation, that’s unlikely to happen.

SGE bison herd leaves Frankfurt

A dangerous centre-forward, behind them two exciting and creative attacking players who delight SGE fans with their game, is something that has already happened in Frankfurt. In 2018, when the Frankfurters refined their sporting pinnacle with victory in the DFB Cup, the attacking triumvirate consisted of Luka Jović, Ante Rebić and Sebastian Haller. In principle, the SGE has been considered unbeatable for years.

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At least until the big clubs become aware of the players. Above all, the high sums that were offered to the Frankurters caused the division of the trio, which was previously affectionately called « buffalo herd ». In the meantime, however, the SBU have recovered from the sporting shock, a Europa League trophy and the image of what are perhaps the most exciting team in the Bundesliga make up for the loss.

Sadio Mane at Bayern Munich

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp is known for developing a particularly good relationship with his players. After around six years at Liverpool, Sadio Mane approached the manager and told him about a possible switch. Even though Klopp publicly commented that Mane behaved correctly, it will still hurt the coach in secret.

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Because similar to BVB with Mario Götze’s transfer to Bayern, Mané’s departure was part of a Liverpool story that seems to be slowly being told. Committed successors are yet to deliver to Mane’s level and Klopp still looks stuck in his seventh year with a club.