🤯 First goal then red: the professional from Buli experiences an entertaining roller coaster ride

What kind of Sunday afternoon is it for Hoffenheim’s John Anthony Brooks?

First, the central defender headed powerfully after an Anton Stach corner and celebrated the goal with his teammates. But Brooks’ party mood lasted only a short time.

Nearly 15 minutes later, Frankfurt’s Omar Marmoush had a clear path to the Hoffenheim goal. But he hadn’t counted on Brooks, who brought down the attacker with emergency braking. The Hoffenheim player was rightly shown a red card for an infraction, meaning TSG must now be shaking.

Because Brooks did his team no favors: in the 32nd minute, Marmoush, on whom he had previously fouled, lay down on Robin Koch, who equalized to make the score 1-1.

The defender went through an emotional roller coaster in the first 20 minutes. He can now finish his high in the locker room.

Shortly after the break, Frankfurt took the lead through Dina Ebimbe and Mario Götze and, much to Brooks’ disappointment, decided the match almost prematurely.