Breakfast news: Criticism of Tuchel, Reus back in Gladbach?

The transfer window is closed, so will calm return? Youre kidding me, youre serious when you say that! There is still a lot of talk about current and future coaching positions, and Lionel Messi has been booed. With the following breakfast news you will be up to date at the start of the week.

Magath thinks Tuchel is too sensitive

FC Bayern and Thomas Tuchel recently publicly defended themselves against what they saw as inappropriate criticism of their work. For Felix Magath, who coached the German record champions between 2004 and 2007, this is an overreaction from the current FCB coach.

He is far too sensitive, far too insecure for the position he occupies and that has nothing to do with Bayern, Magath Tuchel sharply criticized in the Un-deux on Sport1 Sunday morning. The 70-year-old further explained his assessment that this type of reporting has always been this way.

Will Reus return to his old workplace?

Marco Reus contract with Borussia Dortmund expires at the end of June. The 34-year-old has so far remained tight-lipped about his further future. Because he is considering a return to his old love M繹nchengladbach? Rather not. At least thats what BMG Managing Director Roland Virkus and Vice President Rainer Bonhof say today.

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I have great respect for Marco, both on a sporting and personal level. But then we would leave our new path again, Bonhof clearly put an end to the return of love on Welt TV. Virkus had already stressed that a second engagement with Reus would go beyond the financial framework. Bonhof now makes it known that the romantic idea would also make no sense from a sporting point of view.

Flick a candidate? Barca boss comments on coaching rumors

From July 2024, FC Barcelona is looking for a new coach. For such a large club there is of course only a small selection of competent staff in demand. If we consider the current unemployed, the number has further decreased significantly. Besides Julian Nagelsmann, who is only involved with the DFB until the European Championships, Hansi Flicks name has recently been heard regularly at the Camp Nou.

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Barca president Joan Laporta spoke to Spanish radio RAC1 on Sunday about the speculation. It has to be a coach with solid experience and there are certain conditions that the new coach must accept, which are non-negotiable and which we want to maintain, like our youth structure, said the 58 coach years. there. He did not mention Flick by name. The former national and Bayern coach should fit the description.

Video of the day

After the 4-1 victory against a team from the city of Hong Kong, Inter Miami was able to celebrate their first victory of their pre-season preparation. Nevertheless, angry whistles rang out in the stands. The reason? Superstar Lionel Messi didnt play a single minute.

Even the Hong Kong government expressed disappointment and demanded an explanation from the organizers.

This still happens today

While Manchester City wants to return to second place in the Premier League, Bayern Women want to return to the top of the rankings. In Italy, AS Rome is struggling to integrate the international ranks.