A battle of 9 for the main force of the National

The third French (Site notre bureau spécialisé) team is offering a final season.
Frédéric Chambert / Frederic Chambert / Panoramic

Three days before the final, the national champion takes part in the contest in the class. Nine are still teaming up to avoid being part of the 6 relegated.

Suspension is completely in the antechamber of the (Site notre bureau spécialisé)ing profession. Having a system with 6 decent ones (1 third of the teams entered), 9 teams are seriously threatened for a descent to Nationale 2. The red lantern Cholet firstly. With 8 points behind the first non-relegation team, this should be a miracle for the club in this kind of situation. Above, however, is a pocket handkerchief. The two points are separated from Châteauroux (12th), Marignane (16th).

Several teams are in poor dynamics. Villefranche Beaujolais (13th) has not been relegated in the last 5 matches. La Berrichonne de Châteauroux remains on 3 consecutive failures. Initially absent from the course, US Orléans proved easy. By conceding a 7th match without a victory, with 2 additional goals scored, the former residents of Ligue 2 are only 4 points ahead of the first relegated team. Conversely, with two consecutive victories, Nîmes and Avranches find some comfort at the end of the season.

A high table in equal suspense

Behind the untouchable Red Star, crowned champion last week, Martigues and Niort are still in the race to access Ligue 2. The two teams also faced each other on April 26 in Deux-Sèvres. The visitors pocketed a valuable victory which allowed them to move ahead of the Chamois for a small point.

Three days before the quarter, Le Mans, Nancy and Dijon, there is nothing mathematically out of the way, but potentially a sufficient gap not to be dismissed as favorites for the climb.