AstonVilla: Aston Villa will be based in Newcastle and will be established in February 2023 #avfc #astonvilla

The “Villans” were surprised by Newcastle this evening (1-3).

Aston Villa is on track to win its first home victory in February 2023, by winning against Newcastle (3-1), the Birmingham club continues a long series of 17 matches without a loss in the Premier League. Arsenal have the last team to compete at Villa Park in the league, on February 18, 2023, for four but two years. The “Villans” then went on to play seventeen matches without losing to their fans, one less than their series established during the 1976/77 season.

This season, Unai Emery’s team not only had Brighton, Manchester City and Arsenal, but also scored 28 points from 30 possible places. This Sheffield United outfit lost 1-1 in December. Newcastle is at the end of this invincibility with, in particular, a close double from Fabian Schär (32nd, 36th), Swiss defender who is no longer available in the Premier League from 2022. The “Magpies” are on the dug in. ‘ gap on an own goal from Alex Moreno (52nd, 3-0) and Ollie Watkins saved the honor (71st, 3-1), two minutes before scoring in an off-hay position.

In this class, Aston Villa remains four years old in Newcastle, taking advantage of Brighton’s run against Luton (4-0) to take seventh place, coming out of a weak series of four consecutive defeats as champions.