Case: K. Hamraoui – « I live a calvary » – Football

After months of silence, Kheira Hamraoui is speaking out more and more to speak out about the attack she suffered on November 4, 2021. In an interview with Paris Match, the midfielder gives chilling details of his attack. .

“When he took out his iron bar, hidden under his jacket, I thought I saw a large knife … I was convinced that he was going to kill me, confided the player. I begged him to leave me , but he heard nothing, he was aiming at my legs, kicking with all his might. I was struggling, protecting myself with my hand. I remember that pain, excruciating. »

Memories that now haunt his daily life: “Even today, I am ringing. I have lost my fitness and almost 6 kilos. During the day, I fear a new attack. by nightmares that have receded in a loop. My family and my friends inviting me, but I live an infernal ordeal, unreal. »