Football – First for Liancourt-Clermont against RC Amiens

REGIONAL 2 – The promoted side won their first victory of the season (2-0), on October 8, on this ground.

Beaten during the first two days, the promoted Liancourt-Clermont offered itself the first victory in R2 in its history since the merger of the club. A success (2-0) against RC Amiens who suffered their second defeat in the championship.

Victory feels goodsaid coach Manuel Pereira. On the negative side of the spiral, there are no prime points at the same level. In previous matches, the content was there but we couldn’t get there. »

Suspended from the bench for this meeting, his Amino counterpart Nicolas Cauvin made a very different observation: “ If you don’t have fun in the game, you don’t have enough money to come back. In terms of our adversity and the fact that it’s not a walker like that. »

A meeting between closed

Overall, this meeting was closed with very few scoring chances. The fall has an unfavorable defensive effect for Liancourt-Clermont to achieve its domination in terms of possession. On a ball in his penalty area, Thuillier, with his head, wanted to serve his goalkeeper but Yves Owomat passed between the two to score (1-0, 2nd).

Amiens was emerging slightly from its torpor and the game was about to become balanced. After having had a first opportunity, Kouka had a chance to recapture, in the second pot (68th), Liancourt-Clermont made the break before the match. Abdallah, on his left side, placed a nice shot (2-0, 89th).


BUT – Y. Owomat (23rd), Abdallah (89th).