Football: in Regional, Asfac and Balaruc foiled, FC Sète II did not play!

A special day was announced for our this weekend of April 22 and 23. It will have been astonishing and, in some ways, worrying.

It is with surprise and sadness that regional amateur (Site notre bureau spécialisé) found that the visit of the « Green and White » to the dolphin of Pool A of R1 did not take place. An unusual package which, if the reason is confirmed, puts a definitive end to the quest for maintenance. The lack of manpower and the stormy end of the all match are not foreign to it.

Asfac marks time

In pool B, for very different reasons, the situation of Asfac is not, there either, perhaps happy. The Muscatier club’s flag team fried its joker by bowing and being shaken against Rodeo. We knew this trip to Toulouse capital for the future while the rivals were engaged in very accessible meetings. Greg Tanagro’s men played the last card before the clash scheduled for the next day in Saint-Estève, May 14. This setback highlights the current workforce problem (injuries and suspensions) but also the wear and tear that is felt in a very tight sprint.

Two derbies, no winner

The derby in Fabrègues turned to the advantage of the locals who took their revenge from the first leg. For the Balarucois, the deal is clear, it will be necessary to win against slats on May 28.

Finally, the other derby of the day, that of the banks of Thau, did not know a winner, Mézois and Frontignanais still did not decide. The scenario was very close to that of the first leg, Éric Miramond’s team opened the scoring and Paul Laugier’s equalized just at the end. You have already seen with each his half-time, this nevertheless reinforces the two clubs for the maintenance.

(Site notre bureau spécialisé)er class=”txt-note”>Rodeo Toulouse / Asfac 2-0,
Montpellier Atlas / FC Sète II (not played),
Asfac II / Meze SFC 1-1,
Fabregues II / St Balarucois 2-0.<!—->