for Hervé Renard, only one title still to be specified for the start of the World Cup

Nine days before the first group match against Jamaica, the staff still have choices to make to draw the team that will start the match.

The puzzle is not over for Hervé Renard and his staff. After the defeat of the French team against Australia for the last preparation match (1-0), Friday July 14, several questions remain on the composition which will start the competition against Jamaica, on July 23, at the Sydney (Site notre blog d’information) Stadium. Questions fed by cascading wounds and states of form that are still very different.

Suspecting of starting the same starting lineup as against Ireland with one exception, Hervé Renard could no doubt confirm his first observations and conclusions, drawn from two weeks of preparation and a first match in the legs. The only entrant, Elisa de Almeida, affected by the adductors and who began her preparation a little later than the rest of the group, could confirm her role as a titular power hinge.

The hinge still in doubt

But these certainties were called into question on the lawn of Marvel Stadium. In great difficulty, the Parisian defense almost made themselves guilty of two gross errors in the first ten minutes of play. While he wanted to see her « play 60 or 70 minutes », Hervé Renard made the choice to replace her from the start. return from the locker room by Estelle Cascarino, who had started against Ireland, left to warm up along the sideline at around 20 minutes. With the entry of the ex-Mancunian, the tricolor rearguard seemed to regain some serenity, but that did not prevent the French from cashing in a decisive but.

The questions are not limited to the defensive sector. Established for the second time in two games, Kadidiatou Diani did not show much either. Not visible enough on the front of the attack, the ex-Parisian also seemed to hold back in the duels after suffering a big shock to the head half an hour into the game. form, after being sidelined for three months with a shoulder injury.

Some headaches are just beginning, since Selma Bacha’s injury exit at the very end of the game could completely reshape the face of the blue attack. « This is the worst news of the evening », thus revealing the coach, who wishes that all the same remain cautious while waiting for more information. If Selma Bacha can no longer hold her rank, the France team loses an asset of versatility, and a place opens up in attack.

Towards a new construction site in attack?

If Hervé Renard wishes to keep his 4-3-3, he still has the options Viviane Asseyi, Vicki Becho, who honored his first minutes in the blue jersey on Friday, or Naomie Feller. He could also be tempted to go up Clara Matéo, who has so far returned to midfield. Unless the coach decides to change the system, after only four outings on the Blue bench.

Hervé Renard will still be able to rely on a few values ​​that have become sure. Maëlle Lakrar has made a new clean copy which should install her as a starter on the right of the defense, in front of Eve Périsset. Eugénie Le Sommer also reassured, as against Ireland, on her ability to fix the defense, to energize the game and to make the difference. It should be one of those who will start against Jamaica. With who by his side? The question is still open.