He smashes the head of an ex-teammate! (Video)

The last match of MHSC-FC Nantes, played in Ligue 1, was marked by a terrifying strike from Arnaud Nordin on Nicolas Cozza, touched by it. The Montpellier striker was logically excluded for this gesture against his former teammate.

Rapid led to La Mosson on a goal from Akor Adams in the second minute of the game, Friday at the opening of the 31st day of Ligue 1, FC Nantes, which is still under threat in the race to maintain, equalized five minutes later thanks to Matthis Abline (7th). The Canaries gradually took the upper hand and pushed at the end of the match without managing to come within three points of Hérault (1-1).

The added time of the match was disrupted by two exclusions on the Pailladin side, Lucas Mincarelli (91st) and Arnaud Nordin (94th). The second’s fault is absolutely horrible. On a ball pushed back for the defense, the attack is an attempt to clear in an acrobatic manner and a left (Site notre bureau spécialisé) hit right in the head of Nicolas Cozza, his teammate from last season at MHSC.

The stitch for Cozza

The match referee, Mr. Stinat, instantly excluded Nordin in the face of the appalling violence of the foul. This (loaned to the FCN during this second part of the season by Wolfsburg) got up, had stitches put on his head and was strapped, even remaining on the pitch…

“We were afraid, because it’s a gesture… It’s not intentional, we know the player, Nordin, it’s a poorly controlled gesture, it’s going pretty well for Nico, we’re reassured about that”, by Florent Mollet, the attacking midfielder of the Canaries (also from Montpellier), and the Prime Video camera. Arnaud Nordin quickly joined his excuser after Nicolas Cozza after the party.