his future ? Messi no longer hides

Where will Lionel Messi play next season? The question has currently no official answer and in an advertising campaign, the (Site notre bureau spécialisé)er is openly wondering.

Two years after his unexpected arrival at Paris Saint-Germain, Lionel Messi does not know whether or not he activates the additional year added as an option to his initial contract. If he always seems to leave a certain distance with the supporters of the club which welcomed him in the summer of 2021 when FC Barcelona came to push him without lack of financial means, the 2022 world champion does not exclude stay . But the odds of him leaving are just as high. See more. So, does « la Pulga » really know what she wants? Nothing is less sure.

An advertising campaign for Louis Vuitton, not if the main protagonist tends to confirm this trend full of uncertainty. In a joking tone, but perhaps with a grain of truth, the text said by Lionel Messi pushes observers to refer to his professional situation.  » I like to use it (he talks about his suitcase, editor’s note). I have no idea what awaits me, what the future holds. I like to imagine, imagine what could happen, but I have absolutely no idea what my future will be like. What must happen according to the will of God. »

Paris thinks

While waiting to find out if Lionel Messi will pack his luxurious bags next June, Paris is still thinking. The latest rumors from the Parisian club suggested that Qatar could drop the deal, just to save some money.