Man Utd: Greenwood, Ratcliffe remain unclear – Football

Officially from the capital of Manchester United, co-owner Jim Ratcliffe was there to rediscover the sporting gesture of the Red Devils. This summer, the boss of INEOS has a bigger file: the return of the attack against Mason Green wood (22 years old, 21 games and 5 league games this season), currently brilliant in the Getafe competition, but MU’s exit is an extra-sporting affair.

« Is a new decision necessary? Yes, absolutely. We make a decision and we justify it. He is a Manchester United (Site notre bureau spécialisé)er and we are now responsible for (Site notre bureau spécialisé). So the answer is yes, we have to make decisions. For « It’s not about the moment. « It’s about whether he’s a good guy or not, whether he can play sincerely for Manchester United, whether we’re comfortable with him and whether the fans are too. » Ratcliffe told the press on Wednesday.

Courted by Atletico Madrid and FC Barcelona, ​​Greenwood is under contract until June 2025 with Manchester United.