PSG, the first recruit of 2024 is the (official)

Paris Saint-Germain officially announced the recruitment of Lucas Beraldo here. Brazil’s defense is a sign for every season.

It was in the pipeline for more days, it is now officially: Lucas Beraldo signed up this Monday with Paris Saint-Germain, whose jersey he will wear until 2028. The promising twenty-year-old player is therefore leaving his ex -São Paulo club whose colors he has worn since 2020. Winner of the Brazilian Cup in 2023, Beraldo was one of the notable players of the season in the league.

On the PSG website, Lucas Beraldo is delighted to join France and the capital club. “J.I am very happy to join a club as ambitious as Paris Saint-Germain. This is an important step in my career, in which I am quite progressive. He has a good knowledge of my new teammates and a good knowledge of the first steps in this jersey. »

Waiting for Moscardo

Selecting the Brazilian U20s, Beraldo is a great avant-garde (Site notre bureau spécialisé)er. He is therefore the first player recruited at Paris Saint-Germain in 2024, and his companion will arrive at the same time as his compatriots as coveted by Luis Campos: Gabriel Moscardo. Until then, Lucas Beraldo must work hard to be able to open a first-class team with a new team, why not next January 7 in the 32nd round of the Coup de France, against Revel.