the reactions of the Blues after the victory against Denmark

Didier Deschamps (coach of the France team): “We did a lot of interesting things, we missed a bit of success, but congratulations to my players overall because there was some response. We took this goal from a set piece because they are very good. But we also put them in difficulty on set pieces. It seems logical to me that we win this match. Denmark are often underrated, but tonight they proved to be one of the good nations. For us, it’s ideal, we have six points so we are sure to qualify after two matches. We will appreciate that before the next game in four days. It brings tranquility, the assurance that we qualify. Very high probability that we finish first (in Group D) because our goal difference is much better than Australia’s, so we are in the ideal position. The first objective is achieved. It’s never obvious, especially in relation to what you have been able to tell me, your colleagues, the former world champions… This group is strong, solid, and wants to do great things, it has already done some. two beautiful with these two victories. »

Antoine Griezmann: “We knew it was going to be a complicated match, we had lost twice (against Denmark) in the League of Nations. We did a lot of work, we all worked very well together, then those who entered (into the game) did very well, so a very good victory. (concerning his 26th assist, which makes him the co-best passer in the history of the Blues) It’s true that there are the stats, and we only look at that, but everyone made an effort outstanding tonight. It was very important to win and qualify, and we are very happy. Long live France and long live the Republic! »

Raphael Varane: “We had lost twice against this good team in our last games and we managed to put into practice what we had said to each other in the locker room, that is to say, to have this will to win and this state of group spirit to be solid together. Afterwards, we knew that we have quality players to make differences, to be decisive and to hurt the opponent very badly. We conceded few chances, we created a lot of them, and we will be able to rely on this victory for the rest of the competition. »

Jules Kounde: “There was joy, you can never minimize. Of course, we expect the French team to pass the pools, but it’s never easy against a team from Denmark, which has already bothered us in the past, and which still gave us problems today. today hey. We played a very consistent match, we created chances, we were solid and well-focused in defence, with the exception of this but conceded, but even when they equalized, we were able to get back on track and get this second goal, because we really wanted to get this qualification today. »